Officer Buckle and Gloria

By Rathmann, Peggy

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Officer Buckle and Gloria is a Alcott medal winning picture book by Peggy Rahman. In this delightful story, Officer Buckle gives speeches about safety tips to schools, but the children never listen. But when Officer Buckle gets a police dog named Gloria, everything changes. The kids love his safety talks with Gloria! What Officer Buckle doesn’t know is that Gloria is acting out his safety tips behind him with silly antics. When Officer Buckle sees a televised version of his safety speech, he finds out about Gloria’s goofing. Officer Buckle gets angry and does not want to do any more speeches. After a major mishap at a school, Gloria and the students convince Officer Buckle to go back to giving safety speeches, and a new safety tip is created: “Always stick with your buddy!”

This book appeared on Mrs. Laura Bush's Family Favorites list, for books to read to and with young children.