Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, COVID-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It's Too Late

By Birx, Deborah

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The definitive, inside account of the Trump Administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator and Coronavirus Task Force member, Dr. Deborah Birx.

In late February 2020, Dr. Deborah Birx—a lifelong federal health official who had worked at the CDC, the State Department, and the US Army across multiple presidential administrations asked to join the Trump White House Coronavirus Task Force and assist the already faltering federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For weeks, she’d been raising the alarm behind the scenes about what she saw happening in publicum the apparent lack of urgency at the White House to the routine downplaying of the risks to Americans. Once in the White House, she was tasked with helping fix the broken federal approach and making President Trump see the danger this virus posed to all of us.