The Original White House Cook Book, 1887 Edition

By Gillette, F. L.

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Initially published in 1887, The Original White House Cook Book is a cooking compendium penned by F. L. Gillette and Hugo Ziemann. The book comprises recipes, cooking techniques, etiquette instruction, household care, and cleanliness tips used in the White House.

This historical book includes recipes by the first ladies Martha Washington, Mary Todd Lincoln, and many others, as well as historic menus for special occasions like Grant's Birthday and Washington's Wedding. The book was compiled using the knowledge gained by Gillette in her years of cooking, as well as Ziemann's term as a White House flight attendant and caterer. It rapidly became a bestseller after its publication and an essential cookbook in kitchens across America. The Original White House Cook Book includes more than five hundred recipes for soups, meats, vegetables, pastas, desserts, sandwiches, and more. Additionally, it includes hundreds of tips and tricks as well as a foreword written by John Moeller, White House chef from 1992 to 2005.